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"8" Steps on how HIGS writers writes your paper?

While writing your research paper, we follow the following steps to complete it.


The first page of the paper includes the name of the paper, author, and institutional affiliation of the authors. In some cases, it may have an acknowledgement of any funding and any other support.


Abstract is usually a one-paragraph summary of the entire study.

Abstract part must be in 250 words length.

Abstract must offer an overview of the study.


Introduction must contain the topic of the research and why it is worth for researching.

It identifies unresolved issues that the current research will address.


This section must say about the details that how the research was carried out.

Each experiment of your research need a separate methodology section.


This section must explains the information that was collected and include the results of statistical test that were carried out during the research journey.


Include what is the consequence of your results. This part usually summarizes the results that were achieved in the study.


It is the list of articles and any books citedin your paper/thesis.

Each of your reference part must follow the specific APA guidelines.


It must have a graphs and data.

It depends on the type of research being performed, you should include graphs and tables.

Departments we usually work with…

HIGS have completed 1000s of projects across many subject areas. Here, we have listed several subject areas we usually cross with. And also we have a separate domain expert to write your research papers. Each one of our experts are extremely qualified and vigorously trained from various educational backgrounds. Our frequent engaging domains includes,

Arts Biological science Engineering Technology
Management Business & management Life science Education
Literature Health science Pharmaceutical science Nutrition
Biology Medicine Law Agricultural science

Most Contemporary research topic:

Are you worrying about selecting your research paper topic? No more worries!

HIGS experts are here to help you in selecting & writing your research paper. We are currently engaged with more than 1000s of research topics. Here we have listed some of our current projects. They are


Our team strictly follows the below given procedures to deliver your research paper writing work…!

  1. Fill up your order form and send us your requirement
  2. Talk with our domain experts and share your project details
  3. We evaluate your requirements and shared details and we do deep research about your project.
  4. We prepare your rough draft
  5. Our team will send it to you and ask you to send a feedback or queries related to the draft we given.
  6. We resolve all your queries and implement even more sources to prepare your main work.
  7. We do the main work that meets all your requirements.
  8. Our team will give you a clear explanation for the written research paper & send it to you.
  9. Send us a feedback
  10. We help you in fast & easy journal publication

Is Paper Rejection Ruining Your Mind Now?

Here we’ve listed several reasons to avoid while writing research paper.

  • Your research paper and the subject may be out of scope and not under journal guidelines.
  • Weak theory and justification
  • Poor methodology and poor statistical examination
  • Incomplete data, and methodology sections.
  • Fail to answer research questions
  • Overall lack of key elements of research
  • References are not matching with reference style
  • Poor language
  • Poor spelling & grammar
  • Lack of relevance
  • Unsuitable research topic
  • Lack of editing
  • Ignoring Format style
  • Poor response to reviewers

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